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SEO that gets Results

SEO can be a thorn in many people’s sides. After many years of working in seo, web development, and digital marketing I have seen the ups and downs as SEO has become more of a science guide book than a mystery.

Our Basic SEO plan offers our clients the most affordable way to begin their SEO journey. It does not guarantee results, but we typically see results in 2 weeks to 3 months. These results range from an increase in SERPS (rankings), an increase in Google Search Impressions, more indexed content, cleaner code, faster websites, and a plan to grow. For a more robust SEO plan, we recommend the higher levels which provide more funds for PR, backlink creation, and time towards additional rankings.

Recently, we were working on a relatively unknown company in a new industry. They had no SERPs with google and an old website. We provided them a brand new website and then a basic seo plan. After two months, they went from nothing to half a dozen results on the second page and growing. We did this by following the basic guideline – plus, improving the content, better interlinking, and creating new content.

Another new company that is growing quickly offers a local service, which is a completely different thought process, especially in regards to SEO. However, after a few months they went from 5 or 6 SERPs buried deep to over 75+ SERPS with dozens on the second and first page. There impression base has gone through the roof. But in addition, their campaign included many phone call links and directory management which doesn’t lead to organic traffic but a direct phone call. We have seen an increase in their phone calls from their website and directory sites (this is where analytics comes into play). A multi-pronged marketing approach is increasing all of their results, including their Adwords conversions.

In the end, anyone can obtain results, it all depends on how hard you work or how much you spend. If you are looking for more SEO results or a digital marketing agency to handle your marketing, give us a call today!