Email Marketing Is Not Dead!

In this social media age, you may think email marketing has gone the way of the fax machine, never to be heard from again. Email marketing technology is used by 82% of B2B and B2C companies, and email is 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers than Facebook or Twitter. So before you start complaining about your lack of leads from social, maybe it’s time to put more effort into an email marketing campaign.


As with every aspect of digital marketing, just having something isn’t enough for it to be effective. It all needs to be personalized, optimized, and perfected, including email newsletters. Creating a powerful newsletter that drives clicks and sales can increase your sales and grow a customer base that’s looking forward to your news and content.


Email is still the most personal medium, and allows your messages to be very specific to their audience. Email is also the place most people expect to interact with businesses. Increasingly, Facebook and Instagram are becoming more business-focused, but businesses are still operating as if they’re people, to an extent. If you want to build a relationship with another business as a B2B company, or even if you want to reach customers in a professional manner, email is your best bet.


It’s easy for messages to get missed on social media, but in email, it’s always sitting in someone’s inbox. Eventually, they’ll stumble upon one of your messages. And the more worth reading you are, the more your customers actually start to look forward to your messages.


Email is still important. But how do you get your email to be seen – and translate it into clicks?

Quick Guide to Email Marketing



If you want your email to be opened in the first place, it needs to be personalized. The subject line and the first line of the email should directly use the customer’s name (which you received when they signed up for your newsletter). Further customization can target customers based on what products they browsed on your site, their shopping history, or just general demographics like gender.


Good Design

Creating a well-designed, interesting email newsletter is easier than ever. With systems like MailChimp allowing someone with no coding experience to create a beautiful newsletter, you’ve run out of excuses. With this and other DIY tools, you can now ensure every customer interaction is both engaging and brand appropriate.


Balanced Content

Your email needs to be organized – it can’t have blogs next to events next to PR stories, etcetera. Make sure each newsletter has a common thread. Then, the content should be 90% educational and 10% promotional. If you’re only telling your customers to “buy buy buy!” all the time, they’re going to get tired of your emails and stop opening them (or hit the dreaded “unsubscribe”). Offering educational content will help them look forward to your emails and to interacting with your brand. Then, when they need new shoes or a book or help with their business, they’ll know where to make a purchase.


An email newsletter is still the best way to stay connected with your audience and provide subtle reminders of how great you are – without overwhelming them.


If you’re looking for help with your own email newsletter, contact us for a quote to help your small business.