Creating a Brochure Design

Some times a client is in need of a brochure design that they can print and use for their events. Here at Code204 we have done this many times and enjoy the creative process. We first start by asking if the client has a sample of a prior brochure, as this can shorten the time to develop a new one by seeing formats, content, and expectations.

Then we ask them what is changing or what they want in this new brochure and create a quick and dirty mock-up – sometimes Ill draw it out on paper right in front of them. Once we are in agreement on the scope of the project, it goes to production for graphics and print formatting.

The below is a perfect example of a brochure with two different mock-ups in their final stages of approval. The client enjoyed having several options for the underlying graphics in the background and it helped them to make additional changes to the final approved brochure.

If you need a high quality or even a low quality affordable brochure, give us a call for a free quick estimate.