Teen Consulting Revamp

A teen consulting company, “The Ambassadors Company” aka Ambassco, approached us to do a quick revamp of their existing website. The old website was a basic template that wasn’t fully completed with some boiler plate content still in place. We decided to scrap the existing website and go with a newer more modern template.

We developed several custom animations, including an SMS animation that replicated the text message experience. A simple background video loop with some minor animations and a full screen experience on the homepage gets their website users straight to where it matters – messaging and how to get in touch.

Initial feedback had us further simplify the homepage to where it is now. There is enough information on the homepage to give potential leads sufficient data to make a decision. This was crucial to increasing conversion rates. Overall, it was a fun project and we are excited to continue to work with this innovation company.

Project Type: New website

Languages: PHP, HTML, CSS, & Javascript

About Ambassco:

“The Ambassadors Company connects you with teens who can provide key insights, feedback, and suggestions. Tailoring our process to your specific needs, ¬†Ambassadors ¬†integrate your product or idea into their lives, resulting in the most honest and raw ideas and opinions.”