6 Tips For a Great Domain Name

Whether you’re creating a new business, bringing an existing one online, or helping a client develop a brand, you need a website. And the first step to creating that website is a great domain name. Do not take this process lightly. You should think long and hard about the best domain name for your business. After all, it is essentially the first impression any customer will have for your site..


Here are six tips to select a domain name that helps your business.


  1. Brandable


Domain names that are too generic sound sketchy. You question if its real site, and not just a front for something else. It needs to be easy to say, easy to remember, and memorable. Avoid strings of generic keywords, which are very hard to remember.


Make it specific to your company and the personality you have. Avoid dashes or other punctuation that is difficult to pronounce, which brings us to tip number 2.


  1. Pronounceable


You might think it doesn’t matter if people can pronounce it, because they’ll just be typing it out. But on the contrary, there’s something called “processing fluency,” which is a cognitive bias humans have for things that are easy to think about. We have m ore positive associations with things that make sense to us, including if we can pronounce them in our own minds.


So avoid domain names with extra letters, zeros that might be confused as “Os.” If it’s overly complicated and too difficult to sound out, people will avoid it. Same goes with being able to spell it. It should be fairly easy for someone to make a guess on how to spell your brand as well.




The fewer characters your domain name has, the easier it is to share, say aloud, type, and the less likely it is to get shortened in social media. Go for something as short as possible, without compromising if its easy to remember. Don’t make it short just for the purpose of it being short, the above rules still apply.


Stick With .com


Yes, in this day and age there are many other extension options, including .builders, .net. .actor, etc. But people are still accustomed to typing .com, and will likely assume that’s your site’s domain. A .com site is very brandable, because it’s the primary way people are used to looking for sites.


Alternatives like .net, and known country extensions like .ca for Canada would work as well, but only if they work for you and the .com is already taken.


Fits your business

If the brand has words that people associate with a different industry or a something you don’t offer, don’t do it. People should be able to read your domain name and make a guess of what you’re all about. It should use words people are familiar with, and doesn’t make them confused or unsure what type of site they’re going to.


In this vein, if you’re choosing a phrase or a new word as your domain, make sure you Google it thoroughly to make sure it is associated with something you’re not aware of. A quick search on UrbanDictionary.com might be helpful.


It’s Ok to Modify

If someone already has your domain name, don’t panic. There are ways to modify it so it still works. Try a different domain extension, add extra words like “restaurant” or “shop.”


With these tips, you should be ready to select your new domain name like a pro. And when its time to create your website, contact us for a quote on web design and content writing!